THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES, SECRETS & LIES, THE FUNERAL, behind the scenes of RANSOM and much more!

Preview Theater episode #145 broadcast on November 11, 1996


Relationship between two Columbia professors with frustrating personal lives for different reasons.   THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES stars Barbra Streisand, Jeff Bridges, and  Lauren Bacall .



A successful black woman discovers that her birth mother is a underprivileged white woman, but the woman denies it. As emotions run high, everyone’s secrets are exposed. SECRETS & LIES  stars Timothy Spall, Brenda Blethyn, and Phyllis Logan



A powerful crime family is caught in a lethal crossfire between union organizers and brutal corporate bosses. THE FUNERAL  stars  Christopher Walken, Chris Penn, and Annabella Sciorra.


Behind the Scenes of RANSOM

When a rich man’s son is kidnapped, he cooperates with the police at first but then tries a unique tactic against the criminals.  We look at the making of RANSOM,   which stars Mel Gibson, Gary Sinise, and Rene Russo.


This week’s episode rundown:

  • The Mirror Has Two Faces
  • Behind the Scenes of Ransom
  • Secrets & Lies
  • The Funeral
  • Set it Off
  • Larger than Life
  • Boys
  • Mission: Impossible
  • The Nutty Professor
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