Preview Theater episode #033 originally broadcast on September 12, 1994

Featured in this episode:

Terminal Velocity
From IMDB:

Title: Terminal Velocity
Plot: A maverick skydiver and a former KGB agent team up to stop the Russian mafia from stealing gold.
Released on: Fri 23 Sep 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Action, Thriller, Mystery
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Deran Sarafian
Partial Cast List: Charlie Sheen Richard ‘Ditch’ Brodie, Nastassja Kinski Chris Morrow/Krista Moldova, James Gandolfini Ben Pinkwater, Christopher McDonald Kerr

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It's Pat
From IMDB:

Title: It’s Pat
Plot: The comedic misadventures of a person of indeterminable gender.
Released on: Fri 26 Aug 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Adam Bernstein
Partial Cast List: Julia Sweeney Pat Riley, Dave Foley Chris, Charles Rocket Kyle Jacobsen, Kathy Griffin Herself

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From IMDB:

Title: Timecop
Plot: An officer for a security agency that regulates time travel, must fend for his life against a shady politician who has a tie to his past.
Released on: Fri 16 Sep 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Rating: R
Directed by: Peter Hyams
Partial Cast List: Jean-Claude Van Damme Walker, Mia Sara Melissa, Ron Silver McComb, Bruce McGill Matuzak

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Milk Money
From IMDB:

Title: Milk Money
Plot: Young Frank and his pals get an idea for the ultimate in excitement. They decide to pool their savings…
Released on: Wed 31 Aug 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Richard Benjamin
Partial Cast List: Melanie Griffith V, Ed Harris Tom Wheeler, Michael Patrick Carter Frank Wheeler, Malcolm McDowell Waltzer

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Mi vida loca
From IMDB:

Title: Mi vida loca
Plot: Mousie and Sad Girl are childhood best friends in a contemporary Los Angeles poor Hispanic neighborhood…
Released on: Fri 15 Jul 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Crime, Drama
Rating: R
Directed by: Allison Anders
Partial Cast List: Angel Aviles Sad Girl, Seidy Lopez Mousie, Jacob Vargas Ernesto, Devine Devine

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Not Available

Eat Drink Man Woman
From IMDB:

Title: Eat Drink Man Woman
Plot: A senior chef lives with his three grown daughters; the middle one finds her future plans affected by unexpected events and the life changes of the other household members.
Released on: Wed 03 Aug 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Drama
Rating: Unrated
Directed by: Ang Lee
Partial Cast List: Sihung Lung Chu, Yu-Wen Wang Jia-Ning, Chien-Lien Wu Jia-Chien, Kuei-Mei Yang Jia-Jen

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The Crow
From IMDc:
Title: The Crow
Plot: A man brutally murdered comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his fiancée’s murder.
Released on: Wed 11 May 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Action, Fantasy
Rating: R
Directed by: Alex Proyas
Partial Cast List: Brandon Lee Eric Draven, Michael Wincott Top Dollar, Rochelle Davis Sarah, Ernie Hudson Sergeant Albrecht

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Mother's Boys
From IMDB:

Title: Mother’s Boys
Plot: Jude Madigan abandons her husband Robert and her three sons without any explanation. Three years later Jude inexplicably returns to reunite her family…
Released on: Fri 18 Mar 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Drama, Thriller
Rating: R
Directed by: Yves Simoneau
Partial Cast List: Jamie Lee Curtis Judith ‘Jude’ Madigan, Peter Gallagher Robert Madigan, Joanne Whalley (as Joanne Whalley-Kilmer) Colleen ‘Callie’ Harland, Vanessa Redgrave Lydia

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Not Available

From IMDB:

Title: Threesome
Plot: Eddy and Stuart share two-thirds of a dormitory suite. Due to bureaucratic error, a woman named Alex is added to their room…
Released on: Fri 08 Apr 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Drama
Rating: R
Directed by: Andrew Fleming
Partial Cast List: Lara Flynn Boyle Alex, Josh Charles Eddy, Stephen Baldwin Stuart, Alexis Arquette Dick

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