NEW JERSEY DRIVE, DON JUAN DeMARCO, BAD GIRLS, behind the scenes of TANK GIRL and more!

Preview Theater episode #062 originally broadcast on April 13, 1995

Featured in this episode:

New Jersey Drive
From IMDB:

Title: New Jersey Drive
Plot: Jason and Midget are two young, black teenagers living in Newark,New Jersey, the unofficial car theft capital of the world…
Released on: Wed 19 Apr 1995 UTC
Genre(s): Crime, Drama
Rating: R
Directed by: Nick Gomez
Partial Cast List: Sharron Corley Jason Petty, Gabriel Casseus Midget, Saul Stein Roscoe, Gwen McGee Rene Petty

Don Juan DeMarco
From IMDB:
Title: Don Juan DeMarco
Plot: A psychiatrist must cure a young patient that presents himself as Don Juan, the greatest lover in the world.
Released on: Fri 07 Apr 1995 UTC
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Jeremy Leven
Partial Cast List: Johnny Depp Don Juan, Marlon Brando Dr. Jack Mickler, Faye Dunaway Marilyn Mickler, Géraldine Pailhas Doña Ana

Tank Girl
From IMDB:

Title: Tank Girl
Plot: Based on the British cult comic-strip, our tank-riding anti-heroine fights a mega-corporation, which controls the world’s water supply.
Released on: Fri 31 Mar 1995 UTC
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Rating: R
Directed by: Rachel Talalay
Partial Cast List: Lori Petty Tank Girl, Ice-T T-Saint, Naomi Watts Jet Girl, Don Harvey Sgt. Small

<Bad Girls
From IMDB:

Title: Bad Girls
Plot: Four prostitutes join together to travel the Old West.
Released on: Fri 22 Apr 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Western
Rating: R
Directed by: Jonathan Kaplan
Partial Cast List: Madeleine Stowe Cody Zamora, Mary Stuart Masterson Anita Crown, Andie MacDowell Eileen Spenser, Drew Barrymore Lilly Laronette

Tommy Boy
From IMDB:

Title: Tommy Boy
Plot: An incompetent, immature, and dimwitted heir to an auto parts factory must save the business to keep it out of the hands of his new, con-artist relatives and big business.
Released on: Fri 31 Mar 1995 UTC
Genre(s): Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Peter Segal
Partial Cast List: Chris Farley Tommy, David Spade Richard, Brian Dennehy Big Tom, Bo Derek Beverly

Quiz Show
From IMDB:

Title: Quiz Show
Plot: A young lawyer Jim Goodwin investigates a potentially fixed game show. Charlie Van Doren, a big time show winner is under Goodwin’s investigation.
Released on: Fri 07 Oct 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Drama, History
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Robert Redford
Partial Cast List: Ralph Fiennes Charles Van Doren, John Turturro Herbie Stempel, Rob Morrow Dick Goodwin, Paul Scofield Mark Van Doren

Ed Wood
From IMDB:

Title: Ed Wood
Plot: An ambitious but troubled movie director tries his best to fulfill his dream, despite his lack of support.
Released on: Wed 28 Sep 1994 UTC
Genre(s): Biography, Comedy, Drama
Rating: R
Directed by: Tim Burton
Partial Cast List: Johnny Depp Ed Wood, Martin Landau Bela Lugosi, Sarah Jessica Parker Dolores Fuller, Patricia Arquette Kathy O’Hara

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